Why Choose Honda Parts?

September 7th, 2018 by

Honda engine view from the opened car hood

If your Honda needs a replacement part or you’re customizing your vehicle, you can choose Honda OEM parts or aftermarket parts. While aftermarket parts might be cheaper, it’s better to opt for the Honda parts to ensure quality and reliability.

Order Honda Parts

Genuine Honda Parts

When you choose for genuine Honda parts, you can get them directly from your local Honda dealership parts department. You don’t have to worry about comparing brands and quality to ensure that part will work. Though they are more expensive, it’s worth the extra cost to be sure.

Because the part comes from the OEM, original equipment manufacturer, it should be almost identical to the part you’re replacing. You’ll have more confidence in the part and its performance knowing it’s made specifically for  a Honda.

Many OEM parts comes with a warranty. If you have an issue with your part while its warranty, you won’t have to pay as much for the service as you might with an aftermarket part.

Aftermarket Parts

It’s true that aftermarket parts cost less money, but that might also mean lower quality as well. Also, these parts don’t come with warranties.

Aftermarket parts are purchased from independent mechanics or automotive stores. There will be a wider selection, but that makes choosing the best part for your needs a challenge.

There’s also no guarantee it will fit or work in your vehicle. You’ll need to conduct more research before choosing an aftermarket part.

Shop for Genuine Honda Parts at Genthe Honda

It’s clear that when it comes to repairs or customizations, choosing Honda parts is the smart choice. To purchase genuine Honda parts in Southgate, you order them online or visit our dealership parts department in person.

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