Next-Gen Honda Civic Type R: This is What it Could Look Like

Looking at “Honda showroom near me” search results to have a look at the Honda Civic Type R? The Honda Civic Type R is one of the most accomplished and powerful cars that Honda has ever launched for the road. With rugged capability, top-notch technology, super stylish looks, and great safety features, the Honda Civic Type R has impressed numerous people around the world. 

With sightings of the next-generation Honda Civic Type R being test-driven in Germany, there’s quite a buzz around when it would be launched, how it would look, and what new capabilities and innovations it has been equipped with. Here’s how the Honda Civic Type R could look when it launches in 2022 (expected). 

Squared-off Appearance

The nose and headlights of the previous models of the Honda Civic Type R have had a very pointy finish to them. However, the next-generation Honda Civic Type R model is expected to be launched with a more squared-off appearance. The nose seems to be blunter, the headlights look rectangular, and the rear deck uprights seem to be better integrated into the car’s body than before.

Faster Speed

The Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition models were one of the fastest FWD or front-wheel drive productions by Honda. According to recent sightings and current technological innovations being made by Honda, the Honda Civic Type R could be an even faster model. If this turns out to be true, it would be one of the most heroic achievements to be made by Honda. However, it’ll be interesting to find out how Honda would manage the fuel economy and braking system on such high-speed models.

Hybrid Powertrain

This development could quite possibly be the most exciting one. If rumors are to be believed, the Honda Civic Type R could have a hybrid powertrain. This development would most probably take the horsepower of the next-generation Honda Civic Type R to a whopping 400. Since the latest model of the Honda Civic Type R only gives a horsepower of 306, being able to push 400 could be a massive achievement for Honda.

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Source: Honda