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2019 hr-v driving in rain

A standard all-wheel-drive system engages the rear wheels using mechanical means to improve traction and performance. The Honda AWD offers a different experience for Taylor drivers in need of extra traction. Find out more about how Honda AWD works, and which models you can find it on below.

How Does Honda AWD Work?

Honda Real Time AWD™ with Intelligent Control System starts with a front-wheel-drive vehicle and adds a rear differential. If you hit a rough patch and your Honda senses that it’s losing traction, this system engages the rear differential with a multi-plate clutch system. Once the rear wheels are engaged the vehicle is operating with AWD.

When a traditional AWD system is engaged, drivers may notice a lag before it kicks into operation. With the Honda Real Time AWD™ and Intelligent Control System, the transition is virtually instantaneous. If your rear wheels are required, an electric motor on your vehicle’s transmission will seamlessly engage them. The process is so quick and smooth, you probably won’t even notice it has happened.

When it comes time for your for your Honda Real Time AWD™ with Intelligent Control System to disengage, it does so just as quickly and effortlessly. This fast response not only provides you with better control but minimizes the energy required to drive your Honda. The Honda Real Time AWD system is more efficient than other vehicles with a mechanical AWD system.

What Honda Models Have AWD?

If you are interested in a Honda vehicle with the advanced AWD system, there are several vehicles in the lineup to choose from. Popular and well-appointed AWD models include:

Explore Honda AWD vehicles at Genthe Honda

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